Belling-Hammers are fortunate to live, work and play in and among one of the most beautiful and wild places on the planet. We have access to thousands of acres of diverse landscape and wildlife. Because of this, we feel a special need to foster and promote an awareness of our environment and the ways in which we influence and affect it.

At the Bellingham Mountaineers our conservation vision is to inspire, motivate, and assist our members, our friends and families, and our community in preserving and protecting our natural areas.

By promoting the principles and ideas of the "no trace" philosophy we can reduce the impact our society has on the environment. By participating in programs and opportunities to maintain, rebuild, and renew our resources, we help to create a sustainable system of responsible enjoyment for ourselves and future generations, while preserving the integrity of our wild and special places.

How you can connect and contribute to our wild and special places? Check the with a few orginization listed for upcoming opportunities.