The Bellingham Branch of the Mountaineers welcomes visitors and all members. If you join our mailing list, you can expect to recieve our Bellingham Branch's Newsletter around the begining of each month and see what we are all about. Send your request to or Join with MailChimp.

Some of the club's activities do not require special skills or classes; just a desire to meet people, enjoy the outdoors and have fun. You could also join us for a few Events to learn more about our banch and the club!

Mountaineers Membership Benefits Include:

Local, statewide, and international activities
such as climbing, skiing, snowshoeing, hiking ect...

The Mountaineer's monthly magazine, Go Guide.

Use of The Mountaineer's three Ski Lodges.

Discount on all books at The Mountaineer's Bookstore.

Supporting conservation in Washington.

For pricing, additional information, new or renewing membership, please visit